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Art Director: Francisco Sánchez de Cañete

VisionX is a new generation of truck that is so much more than your average heavy goods vehicle – it is a 40-tonne smart device on wheels. SCHOKOLADE visualised the Truck of the Future for Bosch in this fascinating film that showcases everything this lorry from 2026 has to offer. The film sees the truck driver as a logistics manager, who can check the status of shipments via a cloud, reply to e-mails, organise routes and adjust loads.

Sweet point

The VisionX truck drives through a futuristic, urban environment. All the while, the highlight features of the truck are visualised by intricate motion graphics. The utility vehicle of the future is connected, automated and electrified.

› intermedia-globe Gold Award at World Media Festival 2017
› Grand Award at World Media Festival 2017

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