Bosch ›Zamo Sofa‹

Director: Britta Krause
Agency: Heye

The new Zamo laser measure from Bosch, which "makes measuring simply simple", is the perfect addition to any hobbyist's or home DIYer's tool kit. We produced three online videos for the European launch of the second-generation Zamo, in which we see "Zamo Man", an enthusiastic amateur handyman and devoted father, and his growing daughters trying their hand at measuring and home DIY, often with mixed results. From measuring the youngest's first steps to building a dolls' house with his middle daughter and even meeting the eldest's first boyfriend – Zamo Man's girls don't always make life easy for him. But the Zamo is always there for him whatever happens, helping him make a success of many a DIY project and providing some laughs along the way.

Sweet point

Director Britta Krause directs cats just as well as babies and teenagers in front of a camera. In cooperation with the agency Heye we thus produced three spots that convince through a lot of heart and humour.

Click here for the spots ›First Steps‹ and ›Doll's House‹.

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