Geberit ›My first time‹

Director: Zoran Bihac
Agency: Meumann+Haller   

Meumann+Haller and Geberit commissioned us with creating a complete marketing campaign for the AquaClean shower toilet. We came up with a viral video plus an online seeding strategy and radio advert to accompany it – the former was designed especially with social media in mind, while the latter had to fit in with the company's Geberit on Tour initiative. The film focuses on various peoples' "first time" using the AquaClean shower toilet.

Sweet point

It was important to capture the natural, instinctive reactions of the protagonists, who are being filmed trying out the shower toilet for the very first time in the advert. Zoran Bihac, the film's director and an eminent authority on shooting unconventional yet engaging footage, can be seen gasping "huh!" in surprise at the first jet of water and saying "wow!" in relief at how clean he feels by the end.

The entire campaign has even won Horizont magazine's "Auftritt des Tages" (Production of the Day).

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