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Director: Benjamin Wolff

The LR Health & Beauty company film tells success stories; the stories of various partners, such as employees, which are full of emotion and often very personal. These portraits intend to convey why LR Health & Beauty is flourishing around the world and how the company has become the success story it is today. The film also shows that corporate films can be exciting, authentic and eye-opening – something which makes it a success on our part, too.

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This film is not the same as other company films: Director Benjamin Wolff paints an exciting, authentic and up-close portrait of our protagonists. To do this we travelled across Europe, shadowed staff from the research team to the sales team and every department in between as they carried out their everyday work, and followed in the prosperous footsteps of LR Health & Beauty. The essence of this is captured in the company film – but there is also a year's worth of other "Stories of LR", which are being launched each month and provide many exciting background stories. Stay tuned!

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