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Art Director: Andreas Fischer, Hannes Weikert
Agency: Zet B

As the world's leading supplier of concrete pumps, Putzmeister's legacy is set in stone. Offering machines that are tailor-made for their customers, the company has been a global success for many years – a premium brand for premium building projects. For their impressive trade fair stand at bauma 2016 (the largest trade fair in the world), we worked with the agency Zet B to develop a concept that conveyed the idea of "No matter where you are, we are close to your business".
The visually exciting and high-quality graphics show the outstanding, world-renowned structures that Putzmeister has helped to construct, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Panama Canal, taking shape before our eyes. When you touch the four LED monitor walls (each 5.18 m x 2.88 m), the baton is passed on, so to speak, and the film then continues on the next monitor. A timer counts down to the start of the next show, which is put on every hour, and attracts droves of people to the Putzmeister stand.
To make sure that the appearance of this large trade fair is uniform overall, we also created matching printed material to be used in the hall and in the grounds of the trade fair.

Sweet point

The film is truly captivating thanks to its use of high-quality 3D animation: Buildings seem to rise out of nothing and present Putzmeister's work. On a 22-metre-wide traverse, the monitors move towards each other during the film to form one large screen, where they symbolically convey the message to customers that Putzmeister is "close to your business" wherever you are in the world.

A documentation about Putzmeister at bauma 2016 you can watch here.
You can view a selection of the printed material here.

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